About Wandering Clarkson


Wandering Clarkson is an intrepid traveller, a friend to those who roam, and a lover of all things Nebraska. An affectionate homage to Robert Harper Clarkson, the first bishop of Nebraska, Wandering Clarkson journeys throughout the Diocese of Nebraska, a pilgrim of this great state and its 53 Episcopal churches. The original Bishop Clarkson was described this way:

“He regarded it as his task as bishop to go into every town, village, and hamlet, and even to the solitary settler on the public domain, carrying with him the gospel, dispensing the blessings of the sacraments, teaching the doctrines of the Church, ever giving Christian nurture to children, and comfort to the sick and help to the wayward. He never cast off that task.” 

We can’t think of a better role model for Christians today, who journey into their own neighborhoods to meet Jesus, traveling lightly.


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