An Interview with The Nebraska Episcopalian

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Diocese of Nebraska’s premiere online publication, The Nebraska Episcopalian. I had a lovely conversation with its editor, where I got to reflect a bit on Bishop Clarkson’s legacy, the spiritual significance of Wandering, and what I love about my life on the road. You can head over the TNE to read it, but here’s a little teaser:


TNE: What are some of your hopes and dreams for our Diocese in 2015?

It fills my little heart with joy anytime the people of our far-flung diocese come together for worship, service or celebration. The body of Christ is strongest when it’s many members are assembled. I dream that when invitations to diocesan gatherings are made in 2015 – to church camp, to annual council, to ministry fairs or ordination celebrations – the people of Nebraska will answer the call to come together as one. Similarly, dream our church families will increasingly find ways to support and affirm each others ministries. Nothing brings me greater joy than to see the people of God working and playing together, especially our neighboring churches. There are some beautiful ministries of service and outreach in our diocese right now. I am sure that where we serve the poor, the sick and the outcast, Jesus himself is present and pleased. I dream of broad support for those kinds of ministries, and for new and creative missional ministries to be born in the year to come. Finally, I dream and pray that every single Episcopalian in Nebraska might really truly experience the deep love of Jesus in their own personal lives. We are such hard working and faithful people out here in Nebraska, but I worry that sometimes our sense of duty overwhelms our sense of belovedness. You are all truly cherished and chosen people. Jesus loves you!


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