Hello Again.

Hello, my friends! It’s been a busy summer, and I have a lot of photos to share. Highlights include: General Convention, where I got to hang out with over a thousand Episcopalians in beautiful Salt Lake City; Camp Canterbury, where I almost won a game of hide-and-go-seek, but was bested by Dean Craig Loya; and of course several jaunts throughout our Diocese, visiting the parishes and people I love so much.

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church gathers once every three years to consider resolutions brought before its bi-cameral legislature. Of course, the ten-day gathering is much more than that. Often described as a “family reunion,” General Convention is an opportunity to witness and aspire to the best of the Episcopal Church–our best worship, our best displays of diversity and acceptance, and (most of the time) our best attitudes of honest engagement and prayerful discernment. It’s really a wonderful thing to behold.


Here I am at the Forward Movement booth, where I enjoyed learning more about “Lent Madness”


The Floor of the House of Deputies 


Nebraska’s Deputation, hard at work

A highlight of General Convention for our Nebraska Deputation was the opportunity to see The Rev. Hiram Hisanori Kano added to the Episcopal Church’s calendar of Saints, A Great Cloud of Witnesses. Fr. Kano’s life and ministry were celebrated at one of the Convention’s daily Eucharists, where elements of his Japanese heritage enriched our worship and lifted our hearts. His family travelled to Utah for the event, and were embraced by the larger church with great enthusiasm and warmth. You can learn more about Fr. Kano here.


Taiko drums at the General Convention Eucharist, celebrating Hiram Kano

Shortly after General Convention, I joined our Diocesan youth at Camp Canterbury. Young people from 4th grade through high school travelled from all over the state to join together for a week of prayer, play, and meaningful friendship-building. I love going to camp because it provides me with a  refreshing and heartening image of the Kingdom of God. Our kids are so kind to each other, and so earnest in their growing faith. Their love for one another and for Jesus was truly overwhelming, and I left with a full heart (not to mention a full tummy–the food at Camp Canterbury was consistently delicious!).

WC at camp

Getting ready for one of our daily Eucharists at Camp Canterbury

Hammock Village

Camp Canterbury’s very popular “Hammock Village”


Father Ben helping lead the campers in song.

Of course, no summer of mine is complete without some criss-crossing of Nebraska’s highways and byways. All of the rain that we received this Spring made for some very green landscapes, and lots of tall, tall corn. Here are just a few of my favorite snaps from my summer travels.


crop duster

st peter's lex

platte valley


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