Columbus, Nebraska.

I wandered to Columbus, Nebraska, on the coldest day of the year. I know, I know…that’s not saying much, considering that it’s still the first week of January. Still, believe me when I say that my journey was very chilly–hanging out around just one degree Fahrenheit until later in the afternoon, when the mercury jumped to […]


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Merry Christmas from Wandering Clarkson and the rest of your Diocese of Nebraska staff!

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It’s a busy week for this little bishop! I’m getting ready to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord in style. #WanderingClarkson

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Central City, Nebraska

The fog was thick when I wandered to Central City this morning, providing a rather magical setting for my journey. Literary, one might even say. Actually, a literary mood for this trip was quite fitting. Central City, Nebraska, happens to be the setting to several fine novels by acclaimed author Wright Morris. One of Morris’ best-known works, […]

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Guys, I’m not frowning; It’s just my period-specific facial hair. #WanderingClarkson

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Hi, I’m Wandering Clarkson.

Welcome to my blog! I have to admit that this is an intimidating project for a guy like me: I’m a bit of a luddite; my greatest inspiration and namesake is a 19th century Bishop; and (perhaps most importantly), I don’t have any hands! Still, I’m going to try my best to keep you updated on […]

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